Logan Rock from Porthcurno

Inspired by the colours of the sea and the sky, the dramatic clouds and tension of a storm coming, or passing, or maybe missing us.

I wanted some physical presence in my picture to place the sea but not take over the picture. I think the small Logan Rock adds to the scene perfectly.

Figuring out ways to cut and print the sea is definitely rewarding, it amazes me how it actually does work out ! and you can actually capture the image in your head and get it onto paper. The journey of each print for me is full of surprises and im always learning what works and what doesn't.

The story of this print is here in my News post

They're quite big at print size 43 x 50.5cm and paper size 57 x 76cm.

The edition is 8 but there are 4 different sky styles so I'm putting them all up individually.