Ironbridge Exhibition



I'm happy to be showing my work in The Bolthole in Ironbridge 

21st August to 29th September

open daily 10-4pm except Wednesdays

I moved from Ironbridge to Penzance just before the first lockdown and I love my new surroundings. The ever changing light on the sea, the cliffs, the rock formations, big skies, clouds... I'm so inspired trying to capture what I see onto paper by cutting and printing.

If you can't make it to the sea this year and you're somewhere in the vicinity of Ironbridge, come and enjoy my Cornish landscapes. I'm bringing the Sea to the Ironbridge Gorge.

As well as my original framed prints I will have poster versions, smaller giclee prints and cards.

If you want to come and say Hi I will be there on Saturday 21st August and Friday 10th September.

I have a workshop on Saturday 28th September.