Be Original Strong words from 366 Hearts

Word heart - Be original

  • £45.00

A little piece of 'originality' from the 366 Hearts blog.

366 Hearts aims to inspire you daily and let you know you're not alone. Be part of the daily journey and own your own heart. Painted as one of the 'Strong words to live by' series. This is the original that was posted on the day. There is only one of each word. They appeared on my blog for 25 consecutive days from the 17th August. From the 1229th to the 1253rd heart. I am selling the original illustrations framed perfectly and ready to go on your wall. They look great on their own or with more from the group.

I began to paint a heart a day for a year on February 12th 2012 a Leap Year hence 366 Hearts, but I just kept going. You can sign up and receive a heart a day by email here 

Artwork 12x12cm  

Black frame approx 17.5x17.5cm and 3cm deep

Painted in light resistant water colour inks this painting will retain it's strong bright colours.

Collection - 366 Hearts Words