Book - 'she believed in herself'

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Received one of your books in the post today, what a beautiful, inspiring set of quotes. Xxx- Kim Pierpoint

Yes, it's an important message! 

You don't always know where you're going...

This little book shares your worries, kicks you up the backside and puts it's arm around you. It says you're perfect as you are so get on with life and don't be afraid to dream.

The 'red dress girl' is a favourite character from 366 Hearts. Here she is telling it her way, with 24 simple positive statements.

A perfect way to inspire yourself or a friend. A sister, daughter, mother - any woman anywhere, will find something to inspire her from these pages.

This little book makes a perfect gift or a lovely alternative to a card. 

Size 12×12cm

24 pages of 'red dress girl' hearts from the 366 Hearts blog

366 Hearts is all about feeling good, believing in yourself, and sharing the love.

Please email me if you live outside the UK and would like to order this item.

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