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St Michael's Mount - a linocut story

Earlier this year in March I was driving through Marazion and just had to stop and take photos, the light on the Mount was so dramatic I wondered if I'd be able to catch it on paper.

For linocut don't forget to flip your image !

No. 1  Cut out everything you want to keep white. I drew on a simple image in pencil.

My first colour was a pale yellow to add the brightness to the contrasting drama. You can see my pencil drawing coming through.

No. I mixed 2 pale greys one more yellow than the other.

you can see what I mean here on the paper

No.3 again I cut away everything I wanted to keep on the paper then mixed 2 darker greys

rolled onto the lino in stripes

printed it looked like this

No.4 lastly after all that patient precise cutting it mostly all gets hacked off.

and the last colour black gets added.

I did a few different strengths of grey so some came out more dramatic than others.

I also experimented with some Artists Proofs and added some Cornish trees onto the foreground.

I loved how it looked before I printed the darker greys so I kept some back and added the final layer to create an early morning version too



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