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Evening Reflections

Antalya piers in Turkey last October. Definitely too busy for me during the day, I love my quiet Cornwall, but so beautiful in the evenings with all these golden reflections. Oops as I wrote this I realised how busy Cornwall beaches can be in the summer ! 

I couldn't resist having a go at these wonderful waves they're just so gentle and warm and with those intricate pier reflections.

I saw this as yellows and blues and wanted to keep to that colour pallet. I was very disappointed when mixing the colours they weren't blues, just greys, but contrasting with the yellows the greys do look blue.

So here we go

first colour a pale yellow around the white sparkles

  2nd a pale mushroom

 printing the 3rd layer, a warm ochre with a gradient to cover the sky too

4th colour is the 1st of what I thought were the blues but turned out to be greys, a very pale warm grey/brown

 5th the 2nd of the greys

 3rd grey

and lastly the 7th and 8th colours made the dark brown pier and a 4th darker grey giving depth to the foreground waves

8 colour limited edition linocut print

Edition size 14

image size 46 x 63cm

paper size 57 x 76cm Somerset satin 250gsm

Available here 

Always looks good in the gallery ( Art Space Gallery, St Ives ) in a white frame

but couldn't resist this older silver looking frame from the ArtRooms App

sold unframed pics just to show how it could look 




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