Hazel McNab

Hello and welcome to my site.

I'm Hazel and I'm a printmaker. I work with lino. 

Most of my prints are limited edition, reduction linocuts. Which is when you keep cutting out from the same block of lino. So I cut out what I want to keep on the paper (starting with white of the paper). Then I print my first colour and cut out some more before printing the 2nd colour exactly on top of the first and so on, sometimes until there's hardly anything left on the lino, which is why it's called reduction. It's a limited edition of prints as once the lino's cut away I can't print anymore. I get my sheets of paper ready before I start so if nothing goes wrong I should end up with the amount of prints I start with. 

This is explained better in my News Stories where I show how my print was created. Portheras Cove shows how the printed layers build up to the final print.

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My studio is in Cornwall and when we're back to normal I hope to do workshops from it.

I know many of you are missing your trips to Cornwall and I hope that I can share some Cornish Inspiration through my prints and my photographs on instagram 

best wishes Hazel

email: hazelbmcn@gmail.com

 a video from Cornish Open Studios 2020



The Lion Gallery, Leominster

The Riverbank Gallery, Newlyn