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Prussia Cove

Here's a photo I've been dying to print since I took it. I love the composition of the rocks floating. The contrast of the dark rocks with the light patterned bottom of the pool. The delicate shadows of the little ripples. 

So how to best tackle the shadows. No white in this one so straight into colour.

Here's the lino with the 2nd colour rolled on

4 colours make the bottom of the pool and a blue sky 

 the start of the rocks

 2nd colour on the rocks and a sky blue onto the water surface

 a dark green into the rockpool

 gradient blues 

 more gradient blues

 3rd colour on the rocks

 last colour on the lino. I mixed a black from a brown and a blue (no black) 

 and finished I like the mix of the delicate shadow ripples and the solid dark areas of rock shadow. It always amazes me that by folowing some colours and patterns a picture emerges onto the paper

 How it could look framed

I think there's about 14 colours the blues got a bit confusing

and I did an edition of 20

print size 56 x 75cm on 250gsm Somerset satin paper

It's available here 

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