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August & Evening light on the Severn

August went like this,

knowing I was having an exhibition of my work in Ironbridge in September I wanted a surprise new print, and... having the fantastic news I was joining the Art Space Gallery on the harbour in St Ives in September it was going to be a busy month.

I began with a little image of flower pots from a back street in St Ives specially for my St Ives venture, it's available here as a card  

This photo was taken one evening in July 2018. It's been waiting in my print inspiration folder on my laptop for the right time to attempt it. Having an exhibition in The Bolthole in Ironbridge this September seemed the perfect time. Unlike most of my prints which I post on instagram as I go along I kept this one a surprise to be seen for the first time all framed and up on the wall just down the river from where the photo was originally taken. 

Here's how I made the print. The first colour is a very pale yellow in the sky


2nd colour is a pale coral covering the sky and the river

3rd a burnt orange, deepening the sky and beginning to bring out the reflections and swirls in he river. It was so hot in August I had to print in the evening but I mixed my colours in the daylight.

4th a pale blue grey bringing the dusk

5th a mauve onto the sky and the river giving more details to the movement of the water.

The 6th, 7th and 8th colours were printed together. A blue in the sky, a darker mauve on the river and the brown of Maws. Maws Craft Centre in Jackfield is where my printing life began I had a studio there for 8 years in the old courtyard which was once The Jackfield Tile Factory famous for tiles all over the world. Now full of creatives and makers busy in their studios.

9th colour is on the water creating the swirls

10th colour has started the tree reflections in the water. I accidentally created a face in the river but I've managed to loose it in later print layers.

Three more colours printed at the same time, a green and a graded grey to a dark grey. Here on the lino

and 11,12 and 13 printed 

the final colour is black dramatically bringing the print together,

and my lovely framer Ben at Moonshine framers in Penzance chose a two coloured mount and a gorgeous textured wooden frame which completely complements all the movement in the river. I'm very happy with the finished print 

While my print was drying I snuck off to dance tango at the Cheltenham Tango Festival my other passion

Then I set up my work in Art Space Gallery, Woo Hoo I'm excited to be here

then I drove to Ironbridge and set up my exhibition in The Bolthole it was lovely to see old friends. My work is there all September and I'll be back in there Saturday the 24th.

Back to Cornwall, and my first visit to the Minack to see The Tempest it was gorgeous but we got very wet

It stayed dry for the Kurt Jackson preview which always makes me want to paint. I love his work.

My fist day in Art Space was great I enjoyed meeting and talking to people and selling my work Yey!

Showcasing the work of seven artists we take turns to be in the gallery I will be there every Tuesday 10 - 5.30




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