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I was asked recently if I did commissions, which due to the amount of time it takes to cut and print an image I don't ( they would be too expensive as a one off ) But if it's a popular place and I get inspired I'm happy to make a print.

That's what happened at Perranporth, I went to look and came away with some amazing photos, definitely inspired. Some of them are here on my hazelmcnabphoto instagram

I chose the photograph above to work from, I liked the contrast from dark to light and the percentage of dark to light. Plus it's got the well known shape of Chapel rock and... reflections

Here's how I created my print. 

It's printed onto white paper but as I've taken the photos at different times of day, with lights on and off the colours have come out differently. 

First I flipped my photo and marked out a plan on the lino in a sharpie, then I drew on a plan for the white I needed to cut off first

then I printed a pale grey over most of the image. There was hardly anything to see as it was so pale.

So here's the lino ready to print two more greys and a pale blue for the distant sea.



I put some pale blue in the sky and in the beach reflection. Grey stripes on the sea and a dark grey onto the beach. Two islands on the horizon

The first of the far headlands appears. I rolled it with a gradient to get the mist between the headlands.

next headland


blending the inks to print the next headland

and printed


the last cut was Chapel rock. I wasn't sure how I was going to do the reflections, whether to make another cut or to just use the rollers. In the end I played with the reflections using the rollers so they are all slightly different but I do love how they came out.


finished print


How it might look framed

Reduction lino cut

image size 64 x 43cm

limited edition of 10

11 colours

somerset paper 250gsm

paper size 76 x 57cm

Available here



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