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Out to Sea

I took this photograph looking out across the sea walking back up from Rinsey Cove, my new favourite place.

I'm in love with these silver sea patches, the light playing on the water.

I liked the challenge of cutting those clouds.

I wanted to make a big print, this one is 50cm x 56cm.

To make it easier to work with I cut the lino in two before I started.

First I marked in white crayon an outline of my clouds and the white light I wanted to keep on the sea.

Then I cut my first layer of cloud and sea and lined both pieces of lino back together to print my first colour.

A very pale grey ink rolled onto the lino

and printed.


more cutting and 2nd colour printed.

cloud detail of two colours. I wanted to keep the top of the cloud softer and the underneath more angular.


 lots and lots of tiny pieces cut out of the sea for each layer of colour.

more clouds cut out for 4th and final cloud layer


I inked up my lino above to try and print the horizon and the sea at the same time but it didn't work so i just took the sea lino off and printed the sky and horizon on their own.

The print below has 4 layers of cloud and 4 layers of sea.

finally with no more cutting to the sea I printed areas of a darker grey, which I can move around to different places on the different prints.

hanging out to dry

I also tried some experiments with black.

I printed and sprayed with water

I sprayed and smudged

I put one out in the rain which I particularly like.

and I printed a bright one on a blue background

I've finished a few so I'll get them up on here asap

Ok the Collection is slowly going up here 


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