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Shell study - collected from Lelant beach

My studio is now down in Cornwall near Penzance. I'm walking the dogs on Lelant beach everyday and always finding little bits of inspiration, see my instagram for my photos.

I've been wanting to print shells and working out how in my head so here's my first attempt. A fab collection of different sizes, colours and patterns, how best to capture each one?

With a plan, the first thing is to print the base colours and block shapes, cutting out the areas i want to keep white.

mixing the colours is the next job

ready to print, I didn't have enough small rollers to cover all the colours so did let some dry then print the others. The first layer looks like this...

more cutting out from the same piece of lino and darker colours printed on top. This is the lino with the ink on ready to print the 2nd layer.

with two layers printed it looks like this...

I chose to use a 2nd piece of lino to print the 3rd detail layer. Mainly because then I didn't have to worry about losing the detail while I cut the 2nd layer of colour.

The lino ready to print inked up looked like this, lots of detail on this one.

and my finished print turned out quite nice I think xx

so what have I learned, that you can print a razor shell and it looks like one! I thought the mussel and the oyster shell were lovely and would work well, but I was worried about how to cut the limpet and the razor shell and put them in there for the challenge.

But my favourite is definitely that little orange one in the middle, I love how that turned out.

17 altogether and a couple of experimental artists proofs.

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