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Winter Sun

21st December a beautiful day and the tide would be out at 11am. A reasonable time in my opinion for a walk on this beach. The last thing I expected was to actually go in for a dip, but it was irresistible and I did, as well as getting some wonderful photographs to inspire a new linocut.

I was looking for a composition which would fit into the category 'Earth's Wild Beauty' so I could enter into the DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year 2023. I think this photograph captures wonderfully the power of nature and here's my version on paper.

UPDATE I got through YEY so I'm a finalist - DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year 2023

Here's how i did it. After cutting the bits that will remain white I began with two colours, I wanted to create the brightness of the sun and the start of hazy clouds.

then a green on the sea to highlight the foam but I forgot to photograph you can just see it under the grey on the left side.

A darker yellow around the sun and the first grey onto the sea

 two more colours into the sky to create that bright glare 

 three colours, two on the clouds and a 2nd grey on the sea

the clouds were too solid and needed broken up a bit so i printed two lighter colours back into them

 3rd colour onto the sand and 3rd grey onto the sea

a bright ochre where the sun had caught the rock and a 4th grey onto the sea

 the first colour of the rocks and a darker brown onto the sand

Next Logan rock in the distance and the furthest away cliffs printed with a shade to show the sea spray

next, I forgot to photograph this stage so here's the lino with the dark indigo added ready to print the final colour of the sea 

I also forgot the photo of the next base colour on the nearest rocks, it get's exciting you know when the image starts appearing and I'm working out what i need to add next. I don't have a plan before I start I just work by looking at the colours in the photograph.

so here we have the end result. I added a darker grey almost black onto the near rock and i did add another dark brown stripe to the beach to balance it all up. 

Print size 42 x 63cm

Reduction linocut 25 colours

Limited edition of 12

Paper 56 x 75cm Somerset satin 250gms  

How it might look framed

For sale here 


and in situ



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