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Loch Fyne, Ben Vorlich

My parents used to live in Crinan on the west coast of Scotland. The drive up and down along the loch sides was beautiful. Driving back home one evening in June 2018 it was so gorgeous I just had to stop and take pictures.

So this one has been sitting in the back of my mind for a while waiting to be cut. I thought it was perfect because of the contrasts but wasn't sure I could capture that light on the back mountain.

The drawing on the lino

an idea of the white bits i want to cut out first, these are the bits of the paper that won't be printed on.

the first colour on the lino a kind of blush, the early evening sun on the clouds

and printed

the second layer of colour was a very pale grey, I also smudged some greens on with my fingers to begin the light sun caught areas on the mountains in the distance

the next layer was a slightly darker pale grey, this finished my sky and begins to build up the water. I can now cut all my sky off my lino.

Next another 3 colours on the lino to print at the same time. A green to give more depth to the background mountain, brown will become pebbles on the near shore  and another grey to the water.

and printed, the water is building up nicely.


 now a blue putting the distant mountains into the distance, plus more greens, and another darker grey on the lino 

and printed

 The mountains now appear across the loch


 The 2nd to last colour to print is the dark blue across the water reaching down to the loch

 and lastly black and it's finished.

15 colours, edition of 9, 25 x 25cm print,

available to buy here

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