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Last Light

Last Light - came from a photograph I took last year walking around Gurnard's Head as the sun was setting and amazingly it had lined up with the rocks to send that shard of light across the sea. I looked for it again this year but it hadn't quite lined up. Stupidly I forgot to flip the photo before I started, so I can't call it Towards Pendeen ha ha. 

This print has so many colours I lost count and as usual there are bits I love like the lichen on the rocks at the front and the shard of light on the sea but also bits I'm not sure about like the rays are a bit strong but on the whole it's so full of light and energy it'll brighten up any day. I can't wait to see it in a frame.

Here's the plan on the lino

There was so much in the picture I decided to just print the sky first.

Here's the first 4 colours in the sky

A few more colours down, blues into the sky and sea.

Orange lichen and green on the rocks

the start of land and red lichen

more colours on the sky, sea, land and rocks

 getting there

and finished.

I dulled down the rays with a bit of watered down ink

Print size 47 x 64cm

Reduction linocut I didn't count the colours, there are lots!

Limited edition of 25

Paper 56 x 75cm Somerset satin 250gms  

Sold unframed here

the picture is just to show how it could look.

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