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Kynance Light

July 2022, a beautiful evening and a swim with my sister down at Kynance Cove. Lots of photos taken and here's the one I chose to work with

A simple drawing on the lino and first cut

First two colours printed

2nd cut and lino showing the white lines where I'm planning to cut.

3rd colour a second green 

4th colour a blue over the whole sea and a blend in the sky

5th colour a third green

6th colour a second blue

7th colour a turquoise on the lino

and printed

8th colour a forth green

9th colour a fifth darker green to finish the sea

10th colour a blue grey for the background rocks 

11th colour a darker nearly black to finish the rocks.

This is the finished print

Here's a detail of the rocks, as well as cuts I played with dabbing them with scrunched paper and scraping them with a palette knife, and got some interesting effects

Before I started to cut big bits out of the sea I thought I'd print a black version to see how it looked as a one colour print

It has a completely different feel and works very well, so I printed 4 While I was experimenting I tried a few chine colle versions. Sticking white paper down the centre of blue card and printing the black on top. I like playing to see what I learn in the process. They're quite strong I like their simplicity

an idea of how the finished print could look on a wall. I've had one framed very similarly to this and will be taking it to Printfest this weekend 29th - 30th April

11 colour reduction lino

edition size 11 plus one AP

image size 63 x 46cm

paper size 57 x 76cm

Somerset 300gsm

Available prints 

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