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Logan Rock, from Porthcurno

A walk on Porthcurno beach early May. The colours were amazing and the drama of the sky. My intention was to cut a print of the Minack, I loved the dramatic dark headland jutting out into the colours of the sea and the sky...

but when I got home I just couldn't get the first image out of my head, all that sea to tackle and challenge me. 

So here's the plan, flipped on the lino and the white bits that I'm going to cut first are scribbled on.


I printed the base colours of the sea and sky in one go.

then carried on cutting the foam patterns on the sea and printed the 2nd sea colour.

I cut away most of the sea and added a darker green detail and lighter highlights to try and catch the different light playing on the water.

the last colour was the rocks in black.

I also played with the clouds in the sky and couldn't decide which sky I preferred so I printed a couple of versions.

White clouds

and the dramatic sky from the original inspiration.

The print size is 43 x 50.5cm on paper size 57 x 76cm

The edition size is 8 ( but the skies are different)

available here




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