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One of my favourite things about living where I do, in Cornwall and working for myself is, if it's a lovely afternoon, sometimes, I can just go out and enjoy it. Especially June when it's still fairly quiet and you get a cove to yourself. Monday was looking gorgeous so I went for a swim.

Walking into the clear water I loved the shapes of the seaweed rocks under the surface and the light patterns on the water. I had to get back out of the water and get my phone, lots of inspiration for a new print.


Here's the build up of cutting and colours for that NEW print, and I called it June.

First a pale green, then a blue with a graded deeper blue sky.

Then a pale jade bringing out the horizon followed by a yellowy green the 2nd  colour of the light in the water 

You can see all 4 colours so far here in the detail

Cutting the intricate water patterns in the lino. I mark on with white crayon the bits i want to cut out next

The 3rd green goes onto the water

Looking at my photograph I wanted to add more light onto the water surface so I printed a pale blue back on top

4th green onto the water giving it more depth and the first brown of the rocks in the background where the sun had caught them 

Update on the lino as more gets cut away

A close up of the water patterns, I like the abstract shapes but in the end it turns out quite realistic  

2nd colour onto the rocks

a darker turquoise onto the sea in the background

and the last 4 colours I put on together

dark brown on the rocks

dark blue on the horizon and

a dark grey and black onto the seaweed rock  


Print size 63 x42cm

Reduction linocut 12 colours

Limited edition of 16

Paper 56 x 75cm Somerset satin 250gms  

This is sold unframed the framed pics just show how it could look.

Available here

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