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Summer Day, Logan Rock

It was a perfect day for a swim 17th July 2021. And this the perfect place.

The water was so beautiful I had to dry off, get my phone and take it back into the sea to try and capture something of what was in front of me.

I decided to go with this image to cut, and a challenge to see if it would work as a linocut.

There is no white in this image so the first thing I did was to just print the sea area with a very pale yellow.

Then mark onto the lino in a white crayon my first layer to cut

Not much to see, so here's the 3rd print layer. Yellow base and two greens

Next I printed a blue sky, blue reflections and the first layer of brown on the rocks

another green and brown on the lino for the next layers on the sea and the rocks


more brown and a darker green

another green

finally a dark brown and a dark green

12 colours

Limited Edition Reduction Linocut

 Edition Size 17

Print Size 27.5 x 30.5cm

Paper Size 38 x 57cm Somerset 250gsm

Price £295 

I also have some simple 2 colour prints for £45 made from printing the lino half way through on it's own, see them here 

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