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Helford Passage

I actually took this photograph the day of my first vaccine injection, 15th March. I had to go to Stithians Showground over near Truro, so I looked for somewhere in that direction to go and explore afterwards. It was a gorgeous day and Helford Passage was just beautiful. I had a lovely afternoon exploring, and then I was very ill for three days.

Photo and finished print. There was a lot to get my head around in the making of this print. I loved the photo so much it took me a while before I felt ready to tackle it.

Of all the photos I took that day, and there were a few! I love the composition of this one. The lines in the rocks, the blue and brown, the strong contrasts of the shadows and the trees on the top.

Firstly I flipped the photograph and then drew the plan of my picture onto the lino.

Then I marked with a white crayon my first cuts. The bits I wanted to keep the white of the paper.

For my first colours I printed the sky and the foreground at the same time.

I've no photos of the first couple of layers of print as you really can't see much.

2nd colours of rocks, pale blue/grey and a pale sandy brown

starting to see the rocks build up layer on layer


the brown rocks in the background are covered in old barnacles and I wanted to get that gritty texture.

 I printed a green layer to get the algae look on the rocks


Then a brown layer all over apart from the one yellow pebble at the bottom 

 a darker green and grey

 a dark grey

and finally a black

 below you can see the difference the black makes on the middle print.


15 colours printed

Reduction linocut

Helford Passage

Edition size 11

Printed image size 37 x 52cm

Paper size 76 x 57cm

Paper Sommerset satin 300gsm

Available to buy here

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